Thursday, November 18, 2004

What You Can Do for Cpt. Sims:

1. Contribute to the scholarship fund in Sean's name:

The Sean Patrick Sims Sul Ross Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Mail checks to Texas A&M Foundation
401 George Bush Dr.
College Station, TX 77840.

2. Pray for Sean's wife Heidi, his son Colin, and all of his family.

Thank you and thanks to everyone who has emailed me privately or posted comments to this site in honor of Sean. It means a lot to everyone who knew him.

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AFSister said...

Thanks for putting info on Sean on your site. It must be such a comfort to his family to know that you care so much for them! My prayers and sympathies go out to his whole family, but especially to Heidi and their baby, Colin. What a tragedy!
Colin, your Daddy is a hero, and people will tell you about him your whole life. I hope you get to know him from their stories and the few pictures your Mommy has of the two of you together. When you get to heaven at a ripe old age, he'll be waiting for you to give you all the hugs and kisses he's been storing up while watching over you from heaven. God bless you, child.