Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Why I'm Voting "No" on Texas' Prop 2

First let me start off by saying, yes...I am still a Christian! In fact, that has a lot to do with why I'm voting no on Prop 2 (designating marriage as one man, one woman). I do not have a problem with a law that would simply do what I just stated....confirm that "marriage" is between one man and one woman. However, Prop 2 goes way beyond just that. It does not allow for any kind of legal standing for other people, and I would like to see this. I see no reason why the law cannot allow for 2 adults of the same sex to designate each other as next of kin for hospitalizations, inherited property, etc. This type of thing is not allowed for by prop 2.

Not only that, but I'm sick to death of Christians acting like homosexuality is the greatest sin on the planet and warrants all of our resources, time and effort to stop it. What about adultery? It's sin, but not illegal. Same goes for sex before marriage. Is anyone fighting to put unwed mothers in jail? I don't think so. Even better....why not pass a law that says its illegal to remarry after divorce? After all, that's what the Bible says, right? The problem is that too many Christians break that rule, so they'll never fight to make it a law. That's exactly my point here. The fact of the matter is that most people simply cannot imagine themselves being homosexual, so they think it's the worst thing ever. Anything they can imagine themselves being tempted to do....not so bad, and definitely shouldn't be illegal.

Additionally, I do not believe that the Bible should be the standard for the law of the land. Just because we might possibly have the majority right now does not mean that we should legislate our faith. Heaven forbid the majority ever fall to the Muslims and we find our grandchildren living under Sharia law! It's just not right.

Lastly, I do not believe it's what Jesus would have done. Jesus was all about social justice, and that's what this law is about (or against, in this case). Jesus spent all of his time with those who were outside of the law, and outside of the religious, moral lifestyle of the day. He did not spend His time trying to change their behavior, He spent it trying to change their hearts. If we as Christians are so concerned about homosexual behavior, our time would be much more well spent developing friendships with gays and introducing them to the One who can change their lives. As it stands, I'm sure they only see Christians as antagonists who want to make their lives miserable and who seemingly hate them. I could not blame them for making those assumptions, based on the way "we" love to bash them.

As a human being, I cannot help but care about those who live in a lifestyle that is so shunned and despised by Christians....those called to love all. I sympathize with the fact that they are simply asking for a few laws to make their lives far less legally complicated. The passing of this law has nothing to do with whether or not having homosexual relations is a sin or not. This vote should not be a statement of one's morality or personal choices of lifestyle, as those have no place in the legal system. It is simply a matter of social justice. Until a law is presented that will provide social justice for everyone, it won't be getting my vote.

I need to add a special note of thanks to my brother, Ken, whose phrasing I occasionally borrowed in this post!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Swanky Conservative has such a great post on Texas' Prop 2 and why you should vote "NO!" on it, that I don't even need to add anything!

Just go read it yourself, and enjoy!

Monday, October 24, 2005

America Loses an Icon

Rosa Parks passed away today at the age of 92. She sums up her amazing life story with this quote:

"I'd like for [readers] to know that I had a very spiritual background and that I believe in church and my faith and that has helped to give me the strength and courage to live as I did."

Mrs. Parks also wrote a book on her life titled Quiet Strength.

America will miss you, Mrs. Parks.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Anne Rice Shrugs off the Occult for Christ

Anne Rice has not only discovered a new faith in Christ and embraced Christianity, she has also written a novel based on the life of Jesus as a 7 year old aware of his Godly connection. What a transformation! Fans of Lestat and her Vampire Chronicles series will be upset, I'm sure, as she's given up writing anything that doesn't "please The Lord".

Her new novel, Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt reflects immense historical research and time spent studying the faith as well. Should be a great read! It's out November 1st, and I've already pre-ordered mine!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Record-Breaking Continues...

It's official. For the first time since the naming of storms began, the World Meteorological Society (a UN organization)has never run out of names on the pre-determined list. Until now.

Tropical Storm Alpha has formed near Hispanola, in what has now become the most active hurricane season in history.

I'll admit, It's weird. But before everyone starts freaking out....just keep in mind it ain't global warming, so don't even start with that goofy stuff!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Houston, We Have a Series!

History is made as the Houston Astros earn a spot in the World Series for the first time ever. GO 'STROS!!!!

Astros Win Game 6

Monday, October 17, 2005

Revisiting Katrina

Well, we kinda figured that after the big Hurricane Rita evacuation, that most of the Katrina evacuees would not return to this area.

Not so! We just welcomed a displaced family into our garage apartment over the weekend. They are a young couple from Slidell, LA with a 6 year old daughter. They have a very "Louisiana" french last name, and they definitely have the LA accent! Very sweet couple and we're so glad they're here.

I'll keep you posted as to the ins and outs of sharing our space, but for now (day 1) it's going fine.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Texas Aggie Football Weekend

WHOOP! Well, at least this weekend was a little better than last for Aggie Football fans. The Princess and I actually skipped the game due to us still recouperating from being sick and all....but Big L took Big J and they had a blast! They even got to meet a hometown hero in person....#19, Jaxson Appel! WHOOP!

Image hosted by
Big J (the youngest guy) along with his cousin Cole and a friend climb on the PMC canon before March In.

Image hosted by
Jaxson and Big J!

Image hosted by
#19 Jaxson Appel, #1 Reggie McNeal, Big J, Uncle Jon, random kid, Cole, Garrett

Jaxson was super nice to take time out with these boys and show them around the locker room at Texas A&M. It doesn't hurt that they BTHOOSU, either!!

Colorado Weekend

Big L's parents gave us a weekend trip to the Texas A&M vs. Colorado football game in Boulder last weekend. Obviously, the game was both humiliating and disappointing. The weekend, however, was a blast! We met the absolute nicest, most fun couple ever. He is a retired vet and she is just a ball of spunk and energy. We not only hung out with them at the hotel bar, we also shared flights on the way up and back. They were the highlight of the weekend! Well, that and the breakfast buffet....

Image hosted by
Big L and me at the bar before Midnight Yell.

Image hosted by
Our new Aggie friends

Image hosted by
This is what happens when you ask drunk chicks in bars to take your picture!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Heidi's Blog

OK, I'm posting this because I'm getting more than 5 hits a day on this site from those of you are searching for Heidi Sims'blog (wife of Cpt. Sean P. Sims).

It's definitely a must-read, and I'm more than happy to direct everyone over there to follow her journal as she learns to live as a widow and single mother.

I was planning on posting a link to her blog anyway, but the demand I'm seeing has prompted me to get on with it,and it seems appropriate since today is the 11th month anniversary of Sean's death in Iraq.

Enjoy: Learning to Live

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Truth about Bush's Approval Rating

I grabbed this little bit of analysis from a Powerline article I was reading today:

But are Bush's numbers really that bad? His current Real Clear Politics average stands at 41.7% approval. That is at or about the low point in nearly five years in office. How does it compare to other presidents' lowest poll ratings? Actually, it's not bad. Here are the low approval ratings for the last seven presidents:

*Johnson: 35%
*Nixon: 24%
*Ford: 37%
*Carter: 28%
*Reagan: 35%
*Bush I: 29%
*Clinton: 37%

Kinda puts it all in perspective, doesn't it?

First Female Airman Casualty

Please take a moment to read Slaglerock's post regarding the passing of Airman 1st Class Elizabeth Jacobson and leave a note of condolence.

We thank her for her sacrifice and service to our country, and our prayers are with her family. God Bless you!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Sometimes it's GOOD to be a Packrat!

Here's an excerpt from an email I received today from a guy I met in High School, when we worked together at Walmart:

It's been a long 14 years, man has time flown by. I was thrilled when I made contact with you, wasn't sure that I would be able to. I know that the question of why after all these years am I looking you up? Well the biggest reason is to tell you Thank You. During my 9 months spent in the gulf war, I was actively writing to you and to over 40 different people whom I have never met from all over the U.S.. After the war was over and I returned back to the states I had put the war letters in a box and sealed them up. Over the years I have always kept you and the other folks on my mind, wondering what everyone was doing, where are they now, do they have families, etc? Some of those people were 10 yrs old at the time and now are grown adults.

After 9/11 happened and when the U.S. went again back to Iraq, memories and feelings from when I was in the war had come back. I kept thinking about everything that happened while I was there. So a couple months ago I took out the box of war letters, which had been sealed closed for the past 14 years, and began to re-read the letters. I read about 250 letters from you and everybody else. Yes I have every letter you sent me. When I finished reading the letters I realized just how much you and the rest of America truly were behind us being in the war. But more personal to me was the fact that so many people like you Nancy were supporting me. You kept me in your heart, thoughts, and prayers while I was there. You helped to keep me motivated and keep focused on doing my job so that I could come home safely. It's a feeling that I can't explain, I guess you must have to be in battle to understand. Now that I have grown older over the years I have learned to appreciate things more. What everyone and you did for me really did mean something to me during the war and you did make a difference out there. Nancy I will always hold a place in my heart and memories for you and the others who cared and supported me while I was at war, until my dying breath. And for all that you did, from the bottom my heart I THANK YOU!! You meant a lot to me. Sorry it took 14 years to tell you. I should of told you when the war was over.

So what does this have to do with being a packrat? Well, it just so happens that somewhere in my attic is a rubbermaid container with most, if not all, of the letters that Pat wrote to me from the war, and some pictures he sent. Now that he has a wife, daughter, and step-daughter, I'm sure he'll want to share those memories and thoughts with them. I suggested he could use them to put together a journal of his war experience.

I know they are there because just last year I was digging through them to find and send a picture of a soldier to another wonderful family.

Why did I keep all these things for so long? Maybe God had a plan....

When it Rains....

I know it sounds petty compared to the earthquakes, etc., but here's what's going on in my little 'ole world:

1. After flying all the way to Boulder to support my team, the Aggies lost (and I mean LOST) to Colorado in a very disappointing and humiliating game. Big L and I have been in a blue funk ever since. Not to mention tu won and the techtards won, so that makes it that much worse.

2. My 3 year old son has a stomach flu and tossed his cookies (for the upteenth time since 9pm last night) in the car while waiting to pick up The Princess from Kindergarten.

3. After arriving at the pedi with The Boy, his towel, and his bucket I discover The Princess is running fever....she has strep throat.

4. The pedi fully expects them to "switch" illnesses in a couple of days.

5. Big L and I will probably be puking with a mammoth sore throat later this week.

As a result....posts may be scarce! Hope to be back soon!

Monday, October 03, 2005

New MilBlog

OK, yes, I'm a little partial since he's my niece's husband ( nephew-in-law??) but you really need to check out and bookmark There and Back Again. The blog chronicles his second one-year tour of duty in Iraq, this time a Captain in the U.S. Army.

Y'all go read this....

Tisha Sharp has a fabulous post that you should all go read. And tell her I sent you!