Monday, November 08, 2004

France kills Ivory Coast innocent civilians!

Looks like the cheese-eating surrender monkeys are in their own quagmire in the Ivory Coast. According to this story in the BBC NEWS Africa French 'killed Ivorian civilians', France has now cost the lives of innocent Ivory Coast residents in it's quest to quell the opposition. Where is the anti-war crowd now??

UPDATE: "France has declared war on the Ivory Coast, that's how it looks to us," says Sery Bahi, a senior adviser to President Laurent Gbagbo, speaking by phone from Abidjan. He says Mr. Gbagbo is willing to have direct talks with French President Jacques Chirac. "We now know the real problem we have is not with the rebels but with France. We want to understand what is it the French government wants from us." Read more of this weekend's developments here.


Lucille said...

I am curious how you feel about the fact that those in command in Iraq have specifically refused to keep a count of the Iraqi civilian casualties. How can we bring democracy to a people when we have no regard for their loss of life? I support the troops 100%, but I do not support how they are being used.

texasbug said...

In Iraq, even men lined up to join the National Guard are deemed "civilians" by the media. There are many in Iraq who are participating in the insurgency on one side, or who are attempting to become part of the police or national guard on the other who are considered civilians. There is no way to have an accurate count of those absolutely unintentionally involved in the war. Not to mention, when we destroy terrorist strongholds we cannot afterwards verify that every single person inside was there by choice and involved in terrorist activity. Unfortunately, it is the cost of war. Believe me, I am completely saddened by the though of any innocents in Iraq losing their lives. However, many innocents lost their lives under the tyrranical rule of Saddam. Hopefully once we have greatly subdued the insurgents the Iraqi's will be able to live in peace for the first time in decades.

Ogie said...

I feel for each and every person killed or injured by what's going on in Iraq, but I feel for you too...why so much hate?? Name calling shows a complete ignorance on your part, and limited intelligence. I pray your children learn from your mistakes! Surrender Monkeys? You're gross generalization that ALL French are our enemies because they choose not to side with the U.S. in a this invasion is like me calling you a hick cuz you live in Texas. I respect other humans as I would my sister, and so would Jesus!

texasbug said...

Hate?? Come on! You've obviously got no sense of humor. Did you not read the John Wayne quote that is part of my blog title? This blog welcomes humor as part of politics or any other discussion. If you have no sense of humor, you best find another blog. As a matter of history, the French have yet to defend themselves even once to an invading force, instead relying on Americans to do it for them (see WWI and WWII in your history book). As far as being called a hick because I'm from Texas.....that's a name I'd proud to have. I'd much rather have a bunch of "Texas hicks" on my side any day. Don't let your PC radar keep you from hearing the truth or from causing you to mistakenly judge others as haters.

Anonymous said...

Over 5500 French troops to the Middle East, information straight from your Uncle Sam's mouth.

Anonymous said...

I understand that France wasn't able to defend themselves during WWI and WWII. They did their best. The UK also had the same need. It was in America's best interest to check German aggression anyway so we had to do it or else we too would suffer the demise of France and the UK.

Also, let's not forget that George Washington's best friend was the Marquis De Lafayette. Without the Marquis' help, we would still be pledging allegiance to the Queen right now and there wouldn't be a Texas since Spain was also ally of France/US during the Revolutionary War. America is considered the promised land because we owe our freedoms to a lot of people, which includes Spain and France. Let's not forget that. To do so would be insulting to the Founding Fathers' legacy of building alliances that was necessary to create this nation.

France is not a bad country because they dissented on the current war in Iraq. As a sovereign nation, they had every right to act on their own. In Afghanistan, they are still helping against Taliban strongholds.

In any case, Sean was a classmate of mine in high school. I will never forget that good human being. He truly was an officer and a gentleman. He will be missed by his countrymen and friends. Omni Pro Patria.