Friday, March 13, 2009

6 Months Ago Today

Today is the 6th month anniversary of Hurricane Ike.

Still haven't seen a dime from insurance.
Still live in a 35' motorhome in our neighbor's driveway.
Still have to do laundry in my neighbor's garage.
Still have the carcass of our home on our lot in it's exact same state.
Still thinking we'll have to file a lawsuit to get any insurance money.
Still think insurance companies are criminal.
Still haven't replaced even a fraction of our personal property lost.
Still don't have heat or ac at work.
Still sharing offices/officing in the hallways at work.

Still have a job.
Still have a wonderful family and great friends.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

FEMA trailer park goes in at recreation field

This trailer park is right across the street from one of Jackson's baseball team practice fields. I'll attach some photos to this article this evening when we return from practice. The site used to be the practice field for the island's youth football team. They've even poured asphalt roads and everything!

By Leigh Jones
The Daily News
Published February 22, 2009

GALVESTON — Crews working for the Federal Emergency Management Agency have about three weeks to finish installing 55 mobile homes at the island’s first temporary trailer park.

Despite delays caused by recent rains and the ensuing mud, the park should open on time, agency spokesman Dan Martinez said.

The park, at 83rd Street and Stewart Road, will be home to about 200 people, depending on how many are in each family that moves into a mobile home, he said.

But hundreds more are still looking for somewhere to live.

The agency’s mobile home waiting list includes 180 families, and while officials think that number is likely to go down, some people will still not have a place to stay when the park at Schreiber Field is full, Martinez said.

The rest may be able to move to several smaller, scattered sites. The agency has not picked those sites.

Unless the agency extends the hotel voucher program again, about 1,200 families staying in hotels will have to find somewhere else to stay March 13.

The agency originally planned to install about 150 mobile homes on two island sites, but officials decided last month that only Schreiber Field would be necessary.

The former soccer field belongs to the school district, although it was used mostly as a community league practice site.

The federal government is not paying the district for the land, compensating it instead with the improvements made to the site.

To raise the field to meet federal regulations for mobile home sites, crews trucked in fill and have been working to pack it down to avoid drainage problems. Crews are running compaction tests to measure the stability of the soil, agency Spokesman Bill Lehman said.

Before each trailer can be set in place, the pad site must pass three of the tests, he said. About 20 trailers have been installed, with construction crews now working to build stairs and decking outside the doors.

The 9-acre site also will be surrounded with a privacy fence before families are allowed to move in.

Unless the city extends the deadline, the agency must remove the trailers by April 2010.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Before & After

This is something I've been wanting to do since Sept 13th. A Before & After photo comparison.

Let's start with my garden, since that's what's on my mind this time of year:

planting the garden
Big J, The Princess & our friend's daughter help me plant the initial goods

whole garden
With the addition of the sign given to me by Bart's Dad, the garden is beautiful!!

bird bath
I love the look of the blue birdbath in the midst of all those flowers

garden in full bloom
This shot is my favorite....MAN i loved that garden!

And here it is today, March 1, 2009

more of the street
This is a cute shot of Big J, but what I want you to notice is our neighbor's beautiful front yard.

no more palm tree
Here's that same shot more mailbox or palm tree, etc

view from dock before fence
Our backyard, looking up from the dock, the summer of 2006 when we moved in

Same shot today. Be sure and notice the downstairs of the house and the lack of stairs outside!

tv & nordic track
This was part of our downstairs playroom when we first moved in...

Same view today

door to stairs
Edge of the office area and door to the upstairs then...

and today

piano & credenza
Piano with Beethoven & credenza with printer then

and now

LK bathroom
The downstairs bathroom then

same view today

office area again
View of the office area from a different angle

Same angle today...and for those of you who've had the tour, you may notice the kayak is gone...we found the owner!

LK closet
The downstairs close that had Big L's clothes, the freezer & the extra fridge..

Hard to recognize today

landscaped street
Our beautifully landscaped street before...

Not exactly beautiful now

I hope you found this little comparison as interesting as I did. Especially now, almost 6 months out, I get used to how things are now and I can hardly even remember how they were before. Makes me remember why I fell in love with our wonderful little piece of heaven in the first place.