Thursday, November 11, 2004

Power Line: NATO Head Says U.S. Right on Terrorism

Powerline has this quote from NATO Sec. Gen Jaap de Hoop Scheffer excerpted from the NYT today. Funny how it was just the US' problem until the "tolerant" Dutch are attacked, and now it's a global issue. First Putin sees the light, and now Scheffer. If only they could grasp it before it's their own country that is attacked!


Rob said...

regarding your previous post and its video link, thanks, ive been looking for footage like this, and all this time it was on the ap wire. thanks again.

texasbug said...

So this AP IS good for something! Glad to be of help.

Rob said...

Yes the ap is good for something, I can use some of this if i ever need to have an attention getter, plus its motivating material to share with my Marines.

ps...good job maintaining your site here, i only just posted that comment, and voila, again keep up the good work.