Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Hanukah vs. Merry Christmas

Just wondering....if you're not Jewish, would you be offended by seeing a blue & white sign that said "Happy Hanukah" at your local shopping place? Me either. This week I was at Target when I saw an endcap completely decked out in blue, white & silver with displays of all kinds of Hanukah goods from Menorahs to Dreidels to Hanukah gift wrap. At the top of the display and on each shelf was a banner that read "Happy Hanukah". My first thought was "how cool...I didn't know they sold Menorahs at Target!". But then, as I thought about it, I became extremely offended.

Not because I'm offended by the reference to Hanukah, but rather by the lack of reference to my holiday, Christmas. I mean, Hanukah stuff takes up exactly one endcap in the store....not exactly making or breaking the bottom line for Target. Christmas stuff, however, takes up aisles and aisles of the store totally dedicated to the holiday. Target and all other similar retailers completely depend on Christmas sales to make or break their bottom line for the year, however you will not see "Merry Christmas" anywhere in their store, or in their ads. Why not?? If you want my money, want me to buy Christmas trees (Lowe's calls them Holiday another holiday where people put a pine tree in their living room!!), Christmas cards, Christmas decorations and Christmas gifts, then wish me a Merry Christmas for Pete's sake!! Don't take my money and then act like my holiday is so evil and offensive you can't even refer to it! I mean, who is being inclusive here and who is being exclusive? I'm thrilled to see a Hanukah display and I'd be just as thrilled to see displays for every religious holiday with all the related goods and trimmings. Just don't exclude mine and make me feel like my religion is somehow too offensive to be mentioned by name.

Incidentally, I hear that Target and Sears are re-thinking their "no Christmas" policy due to a sales problem and will actually refer to Christmas in their upcoming ads. Nothing lack crappy holiday sales to bring out the inclusiveness in corporate America!!