Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Cultural Struggle

As I read this article about the Golden Globes it struck me that the 2 most controversial films of the year, The Passion of the Christ and Farenheit 911 kind of sum up the cultural struggle of the year, don't they? Now I am all for the separation of church and state, don't get me wrong. I am not going out supporting the teaching of Bible in public schools or anything else. However, for those of us who are truly Christ followers, you cannot separate that from your politics. I read a line from the DU (don't ask me why!) where they were taking a poll to see if the Democratic party should be limited to athiests. One person asked why they can't just ignore their "faith or whatever it is" when it comes to politics. This is a person who unfortunately has no idea what it means to have that "faith". It is all encompassing, and affects every aspect of your life, as it affects your heart, soul, and mind. Anything less is worthless "religion".

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