Sunday, November 14, 2004

Conner's Life Does Count

Major kudos to Michelle Malkin for addressing this controversial topic. I'm amazed at the contradicting positions our laws take on this issue. Scott can be convicted of murder, but the baby's mother could've opted to "get rid" of him legally with no legal repurcussions, had she so chosen. Is Conner counted as a life because his mom wanted him to be? Where is the "science" in that?

We don't want to teach our teens abstinence, but we're shocked when the dump a baby in the trash. Haven't we, the people, taught them that it's an insignificant lump of tissue? Why, then, should they be punished just because they don't have $400 or the worldly sophistication to find an abortion clinic? How in the world can we punish men for harming an unborn child when it is perfectly legal for a women to have it killed? This makes no sense!

The bottom line is this: either a fetus is a child or it's a lump of tissue. It is NOT both, and we have to choose. We cannot have it both ways and expect emotional, immature teens to understand our contradicting laws. Since I have mourned the terrible loss of my own unborn child, I know where I stand. How about you?


Anonymous said...

How right you are! Laci and Conner's Law (the Federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act)is a step in the right direction. It recognizes the unborn baby as a human being that should be protected. It is in conflict with abortion laws that were framed around a woman's "right" to choose, with no regard to the baby's right to life. We take political stands on abortion based on our beliefs about when that fetus becomes human. At what point do we draw the line? When does the fetus have a human soul? Soul cannot be measured or proved. However, it can scientifically be argued that from the moment of conception we are a singularly unique and complete combination of human DNA, never to be repeated, and surely, purely human. I saw my daughter in an wonderful ultrasound at 4 months along in my pregnancy. She was sucking her thumb. People argue that fetuses at this age are discardable lumps of tissue. Lumps of tissue do not suck their thumbs. A women's right to choose should occur before conception.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder at your logic here. let's see, all life is precious,women should have no right to choose, and abstinence is the answer (If so, why hasn't it ever worked in human history to stem the tide of abused, neglected unwanted and suffering children who continue to be born around the world and live agonized lives? Or to help thousands of impoverished and exploited women both in the US and globally to escape their circumstances?)

Next, after we raise these precious babies, it's our patriotic duty to send them off to kill other also once precious babies and to die themselves as a way to show that killing people is wrong? How can you punish women for wanting to have the right to decide whether to bring a child into this world when its perfectly legal for the government to kill thousandsin a war that has a whole lot less to do with freedom and honor than it does with oil and the investments of vested US corporations? Please follow the money trail! And don't forget to check out the US backing of the Iraqi regime in the war against the Kurds, of the corrupt Saudis and of other "regimes of convenience" in the recent past.

And while you're at it, tell the Israelis that the several billion dollars a year they get in US assistance that supports their destruction of Palestine are desperately needed here at home to provide healthcare for the poor, poor working classes and elderly.

Those who love our soldiers and honors the memories of those who have served should seek to get our men and women in uniform out of this police action and back home now! It turns my stomach to see the picture of this fine young man who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country next to a political ad- for an administration that has wrapped a corporate and big money agenda in the rhetoric of patriotism, spoken by those who never served except on the boards of companies that stand to profit from this war! Guess who will get the lucrative contracts to rebuild Iraq? the 911 report indicates that the terrorists who attacked us came from Afghanistan and Saudi why Iraq?

For the amount of blood and grief we are spilling into those desert sands, we should have far better facts and reason than we do. "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you",WWJD?