Sunday, November 07, 2004

France is to Blame for the War in Iraq

No, this isn't a France-bashing, just logic and common sense. The "diplomacy not war" crowd would have us believe that if we'd just given the inspections more time, worked diplomatically through the UN, etc. war could've been avoided. Well now we know that France was receiving Oil-for-Food bribes and contracts in exchange for it's promise to Saddam not to allow any actual action against him by the UN. Saddam's incentive to respond diplomatically was removed by the French (and possilby the Russians) cheating the system. Sorry peace doves, but it looks like war was inevitable thanks to the country you like to tout. How ironic. Not to mention, Bush decided not play by the rules in a rigged game. Telegraph News Saddam bribed politicians around world


Lucille said...

Using your logic and common sense, why do you think Bush chose to invade Iraq

Lucille said...

Using your logic and common sense, why do you think Bush chose to invade Iraq as opposed to North Korea, which is much closer to actually having nuclear weapons. Don't you think Bush is there to get his hands on some of the black gold as well? Later on in the article you linked to:"The CIA's internet list appeared to have been edited to protect the identities of several firms and individuals from the US and other countries that supported the war."

This entire war has been urban warfare-we've taken Falluja twice already but lost it due to lack of manpower.

Something that is never shown in the main stream press-most of the insurgents in Iraq are not from Iraq. Our presence there is attracting fundamentalists from all over the Middle East who having been waiting for a chance to martyr themselves by attacking us.

I have to agree with Ogie- your phrases like "Surrender Monkeys" definately exudes hate and dismissal of the French people. I think political corruption and greed are universal just as resilient hard-working people are universal. Why do you think the war was inevitable just because some palm greasing was going on?

Respectfully asked,
A fellow Texan living in NYC

texasbug said...

Lucille, I'm glad you came back! So how is life for a Texan in NY, anyway?

Regarding your post, I've heard that argument (or rather seen in protest signs I should say) regarding the war for oil theory. However, can you please tell me one way that we benefitted from Iraqi oil? We haven't to my knowledge. Bush has no claim to the oil, we are still paying for any we get from them, and our prices are higher than ever. (You'd think if we just tapped the mother-lode it would be like 50 cents per gallon!) Same thing on Haliburton....they happen to be the ONLY US company who provides the services they are providing. There is no one else who could possible do it. Now surely you're not going to ask me to believe that GWB went to war, knowing that it would provide contracts that only Halliburton could get. That doesn't even benefit GWB! Cheney can't even benefit because he no longer owns any interest in Halliburton....he was forced to sell all his stock to run for veep. The only thing he gets are annual payments for services he already rendered when he was an employee. Nothing contingent on their current profits. So there's no way my logical brain is going to conclude that either went to war so that the current shareholders at Halliburton that they may or may not know would make some money. That would even be over the top for an X-files episode.

As for my reference to the French govt as cheese-eating surrender monkeys, well, I say the same I said before. That is completely my sense of humor. I refer to everyone, including people I like, with what I consider to be humorous but true nicknames. Sorry you took offense but you're gonna have to lighten up a bit. Were I to meet a French citizen in person, I would give them every benefit of the doubt that they were a wonderful, intelligent person. Their government, however, has proven that is corrupt and only out for monetary gain at the risk of the rest of the world's safety. I have no apologies for calling that like I see it.

Mister Underhill said...

The only people to benefit from the war are the arms dealers and construction companies like haliburton et all, and the oil comapnies all of which bush has very strong links to. So, no, it does not benefit US any, but it benefits them greatly and this is a governemnt about them, not us.

The idea the 'war' is inevitable makes me laugh, as we could easily have left already and let things fall as they may or else gone in a very limited fashion to the sites that were suspected of being WOMD sites which there now seem to not be much of.

We have killed tens or hundreds of thousands on the off chances that maybe someday some way they will try support terrorists in a way that harms us instead of just going after the known terrorists the chief of which has slipped through our fingers.

texasbug said...

Wow, where to start? How about I'll let these folk answer your charge regarding who benefits from the war:

Babies killed by SaddamIraqi DentistVoices of IraqIraqi Freedom AllianceMesopotamianAfter reading those, if you still need more just ask. I'll be happy to provide more!