Sunday, November 14, 2004

Gig 'Em! Aggies Beat the Tech-tards in OT

Wow, what a game! As usual, it was a fight to the end when the Ags and the Techies met up at Kyle Field yesterday. Obviously Reggie McNeal's arm was still hurting because he showed a hesitancy to pass that we don't usually see. At any rate, the Aggie Wrecking Crew held this passing team to a run game for most of the game, especially towards the end. The officiating was unbelievable. Even I could see holding by the 'tards on almost every play, and that was beforeI broke out the binoculars. Not to mention the offensive pass-interference call on our 2-point conversion, and the pass-interference that went uncalled on behalf of the techies. It truly was an uphill battle, trying to beat both the 'tards and the refs, but the Aggies pulled it off and it was sweet!! Somehow, the chili and frito-pies at our tail-gate party were even better than expected....despite being frozen we just couldn't pack it up and go home until we were the last ones in the lot. WHOOP! Read more details here

And one more thing....would the Aggies season ticket holders PLEASE stop giving your tix to the opponents! They have a visitor section for a reason. Maybe I'm a little cranky now that the regular season is over, but I don't pay good money to be surrounded by obnoxious and rude goobers yelling "two-bits, four-bits, six-bits a dollar....all for the raiders, stand up and holler". Like I said to them yesterday, high school games are on Fridays.

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