Sunday, January 23, 2005

UPDATED: American Soldier Subject of Protesters Anger

An angry bunch of students planning on protesting the inauguration this past Thursday, instead aimed their venom at an Army Recruiting Officer sitting at a table nearby. They were even successful in having him removed from campus by security!

As a parent, I can say that their parents should be ashamed of themselves. These students have not even been taught the most basic of human behavior. I still do not believe that the leftists "support the troops but not the war", and incidences like this just prove my point. They are anti-military, anti-troops and anti-anyone who does support the troops. Too bad we can't really live in their world, where all we need to do is sit around a campfire and smoke some reefer with the terrorists and then they'll forget about their little "jihad" thingy and we'll all just love each other. I think they've participated in a similar scene one too many times, and the effects of reefer-madness are starting to show.....

UPDATE: You can send an email of support to SFC Jeff Due at this Blackfive post

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