Monday, January 31, 2005

Freedom Fightors....or Minions of Satan?

Blackfive has this post telling of a Down's Syndrome child used by the terrorists to bomb a polling station on Sunday.

I've read threads at the Democratic Underground saying things like "where are the freedom fighters?" and "are they just going to sit back and let the evil Americans TELL them to be a Democracy? They didn't even get to choose their form of was mandated by the US".

If these Democrats want to side with the likes of those who would use a disabled child as a suicide bomber, then they deserve a similar fate. Please, if this is you, fly to Iraq and volunteer your services! Strap on the bombs TODAY! Anyone who finds a way to "justify" this atrocity is inherently evil themself.

Thank God the tide is rolling in Iraq and true freedom is on the way. These types will not be tolerated by a people who are willing to face death themselves to defy the terrorists. We have hope in the Iraqi people, after what they've shown us over the weekend, that they can be trusted to get their country on track. God Bless them and all their future efforts to eliminate such atrocities as this.

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