Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Aggie List Eater Video

I know I'm a little behind, here, but I just stumbled on this List Eater Video at another Aggie Blog, Deep and Wide.

For those of you unfamiliar with this story (non-Aggies), it is a long standing tradition at A&M (and you know how we love our traditions!) to camp out for big-game tickets. It's a way of standing in line first....starting several days before tickets go on sale. Now to prevent ourselves from *actually* standing in a line for many days, we form a list. First come, first served as far as getting on the list. To make sure folks don't sign the list and then go home, there are frequent, random roll-calls taken. This way you can relax in the comforts of your own tent instead of standing in a line for days on end. And who says Aggies aren't smart, huh??

Well there always has to be a crybaby, now doesn't there? This year, some young idiot marches herself up to the ticket counter the day tickets go on sale and declares herself first in line at 4am. Never mind the hundreds of peacefully sleeping Aggies in their tents who are resting in the fact that their place in line has been determined by their order on The List. As extra insurance for when the sleeping Aggies wake up, said chick decides to EAT The List!

Yes, you heard me. She actually consumed it so there was no record of those who had been camping out for weeks for Cotton Bowl tickets. In hindsight, was the meal really worth it? I digress...

And to my fellow Ags.....BTHO The List eater!!

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