Monday, January 31, 2005

Introducing: Mullet Mondays!

After a weekend of such heavy and dramatic news, we're starting off the week a little more light-hearted. In fact, this is how we're going to start the week from now on! Thanks to for the inspiration, and welcome all you Mullet Hunters!

On Mondays, we will now be featuring photos of random citizens caught sporting the lovely coiffure known as the "mullet". In case you're not overly familiar (?!?) with this hair phenomenon, here's an illustration of what qualifies:

Now if any of you are brave enough to do some Mullet Hunting on your own, you can send your pics to me for Monday postings (with all due credit of course) or you can do you own post and I'll link to you (no celebrity photos, please). I'd love to see some other bloggers joining me on Mondays! Let's document this truly American icon!

And now for this Monday's submission......this one was hunted myself at the local touristy boardwalk type place:

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