Monday, January 10, 2005

Posters That Should Not Exist

Check out This ad for a poster with the slogan: "You Can't Be All You Can Be If You're DEAD". The poster used the exact fonts and colors of the Army recruiting poster, with a slight difference:

Poster picturing Tombstones of Unknown Soldiers with title text.

Becky Johnson / SCW

The site description is as follows:
A blunt re-work of the Army recruitment slogan designed for wide distribution at schools, youth centers, or on the streets. One side is a poster; the reverse discloses the real story on money for college, depleted uranium munitions, �Who Fights, Who Doesn't�, and letters and quotes from veterans. SCW resources and national counter-recruitment contacts also listed. Poster/Leaflet: 17x22, folded 8 x 11

Also available as a postcard

hat tip to My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, who had an email from someone who has seen the poster in their workplace!

So much for supporting the troops, huh? And to think they are willingly fighting to protect rights such as these...God Bless them.


Anonymous said...

go fuck yourself. don't ridicule those who died for a cause they believed to be greater than their own life. go to hell.

Anonymous said...

last comment was meant for makers of poster. not for the person posting the blog.