Saturday, October 15, 2005

Texas Aggie Football Weekend

WHOOP! Well, at least this weekend was a little better than last for Aggie Football fans. The Princess and I actually skipped the game due to us still recouperating from being sick and all....but Big L took Big J and they had a blast! They even got to meet a hometown hero in person....#19, Jaxson Appel! WHOOP!

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Big J (the youngest guy) along with his cousin Cole and a friend climb on the PMC canon before March In.

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Jaxson and Big J!

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#19 Jaxson Appel, #1 Reggie McNeal, Big J, Uncle Jon, random kid, Cole, Garrett

Jaxson was super nice to take time out with these boys and show them around the locker room at Texas A&M. It doesn't hurt that they BTHOOSU, either!!


RoyK said...

Great blog. Keep it up. I appreciated the link to the blog of the widow of Capt. Sean P. Sims. There's not enough we can say about Aggies like Capt. Sims. May his sacrifice not have been in vain. I'm Class of 1946, one of the old-timers.

Eric said...

T'was a good football weekend, wasn't it? Besides the Ags getting their act together, USC held on to keep tu out of the #1 spot! ;-)

bigwhitehat said...

You aggies always seem to have a good time.

Thank you for blogrolling me. And thank you for blogrolling some others too. You helped me find a few folks I like.

Anonymous said...

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