Thursday, October 13, 2005

Heidi's Blog

OK, I'm posting this because I'm getting more than 5 hits a day on this site from those of you are searching for Heidi Sims'blog (wife of Cpt. Sean P. Sims).

It's definitely a must-read, and I'm more than happy to direct everyone over there to follow her journal as she learns to live as a widow and single mother.

I was planning on posting a link to her blog anyway, but the demand I'm seeing has prompted me to get on with it,and it seems appropriate since today is the 11th month anniversary of Sean's death in Iraq.

Enjoy: Learning to Live


Tish said...

Oh, that left me speechless. Great link, honey.

On another note, caught your DR PEPPER comment on my blog...I'll get you for that :)

texasbug said...

Sorry, Tish, I couldn't resist! Plus I'm a fellow addict, and I can't have you leaving me on the wagon alone!!

Tish said...

I fell off after Drunkette made my bedroom into a one lane Sonic drive-in. BUT I will beat this thing. I will. I might. I can. I should. ARGHH!