Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Swanky Conservative has such a great post on Texas' Prop 2 and why you should vote "NO!" on it, that I don't even need to add anything!

Just go read it yourself, and enjoy!


Travis Fell said...

Dear T-Bug,
This is a first. I disagree with you and Swanky on something.

I read the Kuff post Swanky links to and the Dallas Business Journal story that started it all. Neither one mentioned the myriad of other factors that businesses look at when considering relocation, such as
- Proximity to distribution channels and markets
- Availability of a skilled workforce
- Availability of and proximity to suppliers
- Access to investment capital
- Local government incentives, such as tax abatements and waivers from environmental regulations
- Presence of competitors
- Regulatory environment
- Facilities costs
- Cost of living
- And anything else affecting the cost of doing business and the chances of increase revenue in a particular locale

When considering relocation, I think it's likely that any business worth their salt is going to look a lot more closely at these concrete issues than the inderminate legalities Glen Maxey frets about in the DBJ story.

Furthermore, prop. 2 is a restriction on political entities, not private enterprises. Corporations can do whatever they want under the amendment. The DBJ article admits as much (though on the last page of a 7 page post).

Thus, I hold that voting against prop 2 because these economic concerns is unfounded.

But more to the point, I've read that you are a Christian in several of your previous posts. I hold the believers have biblical call to stand for God's plan for marriage for a number of reasons. Check 'em out at the link below and lemme' know what you think:

texasbug said...

Travis, I've gotten so many emails about this, i'm gonna post my response as a separate blog post. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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