Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The FEMA visit

So I'm sitting in the RV about to go to work and eating Spaghettio's (no, not just because I'm poor...it's a sick comfort food for me!) The FEMA guy was very helpful in steering me in the right directions, and basically giving me a checklist of tasks.

First of all, proving my house is "unliveable" will only get me temporary housing money, which I first need to exhuast from my windstorm insurance. Then i need a letter from windstorm saying I've exhausted my coverage, and letters from me saying why it wasn't enough. Separate letters for each type of expenses like gas, utilities, food, etc.

Then there's the issue of repairing/rebuilding the house. I have to have letters of denial from all 3 insurances, even homeowners although there's no question they aren't liable here. I told him our flood story and how we now have no flood but can't get them to send us a letter stating that fact. He referred me to a sign in sheet for the Texas Insurance Commission. They will "call me back tomorrow" and get on my insurance company to make them send me a letter. We also have to apply for an SBA Disaster Loan. When i have letters from all 3 insurances and a letter from SBA, THEN i can apply to FEMA to meet any expenses those 4 didn't cover.

He also gave me all kinds of advice on how the FEMA system works, how to fill out the paperwork for the best results, etc.

6 Weeks in, and we're just getting started.

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Sharon said...

Yeah! You got a FEMA visit! I know it's been a long time to just be getting started. But it is getting started. That's a huge positive. You've had several "movements" already this week. That's so much better than the standing still you've been doing for so long.

You know it's still going to be a long time before you can really see any progress. But you do have a nicer place to live - though small- than so many other folks. I think God is teaching you patience. Try to be a quick learner like you are at everything else.

I love you little sis, and pray for you every day.