Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Videos Clips of Terry Schiavo

There's quite a flurry of activity around the blogosphere regarding Terry Schiavo, especially since the recent story in the news of another brain-damaged patient speaking after years of silence.

Terry's husband, Michael Schiavo, wants to have her feeding tube removed which will result in her death by starvation. Not a pleasant, peaceful way to go.

Is Terry in such a vegetative state that improvement is impossible? Here are some video clips that may help you decide: (hat tip to Hyscience)

Terri Responds to Father
Terri Watching a Balloon
Terri's Alert Eyes
Terri Responds to Cold
Terri Responds to Her Mom
Terri Responds to Music (and laughs!)
Terri Reponds to Touch

So why is she not improving at a faster rate? The following questions & answers were taken from terrisfight.org:

If Terri hasn’t recovered after all these years of therapy, why not let go?
Terri hasn’t had meaningful therapy since 1991, but many credible physicians say she can benefit from it.

Why can’t Terri just divorce?
Terri’s husband/guardian speaks for her. She cannot divorce without his permission

Does Terri have an advanced directive or any wishes about her healthcare?

Terri never signed any directive or living will and there is no evidence that she foresaw her present situation.

Why do Terri’s family fight to keep her alive? Shouldn’t they let her husband decide?

Terri’s husband has started another family and probably has gone on with his life. Terri’s family want to provide her therapy and a safe home.

Is Terri receiving life support?

Not in the traditional sense. Terri only receives food and fluids via a simple tube.

Isn’t removing her tube a natural and dignified way to die?
No. Dehydration and starvation cause horrific effects and are anything but peaceful.

If, after reading all this, you are convinced that Terri is about to be wrongly killed by her husband, here's you can contact to do something about it: (hat tip to My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy)

Florida Attorney General’s Charlie Crist, AG Citizen’s Services & Office
1-850-414-3990 / 850-414-3300

Bernie McCabe, State Attorney Pinellas and Pasco Counties

Gov. Jeb Bush
jeb@jeb.org, jeb@myflorida.com

St Pete Times President - timespresident@sptimes.com

Customer Service - custserv@sptimes.com

Letters to the Editor - letters@sptimes.com
Letters to the Editor
P.O. Box 1121
St. Petersburg, FL 33731

Mr. Bill Levesque - levesque@sptimes.com

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