Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Pray for Lance Cpl. Travis Pollok

My husband got the following email from an employee of one of his clients, telling him of Tavis Pollok who was wounded in battle in Fallujah:

Also wanted to let you know that I have a nephew, Travis Pollok, that is in
the Marines and he was in Iraq (has been there since September--his second
time there) and he was shot 5 times and is critically injured. It happened
on November 15th. He was shipped from Iraq to Germany on the 16th and then
he was shipped to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland on
the 19th. He turned 24 on the 18th of November. One of the bullets missed
his heart by a "hair"; one bullet took off part of his left lung (they
opened him up in the field and saved his life from the lung injury); one
bullet shattered his leg and hip (where your leg attaches to your hip--they
had to put in 5 rods and pins to put it back together and they had to remove
part of his left buttock because the bullet pretty much ate it up on the way
out of his body); another bullet just about blew up his left shoulder and
the last bullet was in his left arm. He pretty much had his whole left side
shot up. He and his platoon were sweeping a town (he was the leader of his
platoon) and he saw a sniper on top of a building and Travis shot him and
the sniper when down. They turned to continue their mission and then next
thing he heard was pop, pop, pop and he knew he was shot. Has little memory
after that until he got to Germany. Remembers them working on him in the
field. When he arrived at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda, he had a letter
taped to him that was put on him in Germany on the 19th before he left from
a guy in his platoon that had also been injured (we don't know how bad and
we are trying to find out) that told Travis that he killed the SOB that shot
him. He just got out of intensive care (praise the God). My sister and
her husband have been in Maryland since he arrived on the 19th. I am more
than likely going to Maryland one day next week (I think on Tuesday the
7th). I am seeking any and everyone who prays or knows someone who prays to
put him on their prayer list. I know that he has survived only by the
"GRACE OF GOD". My family and I would greatly appreciate any and all



You can read articles about Travis Pollok here and here

If you'd like to help the family out with travel expenses to be with Pollok as he recovers, an account has been established at Falls City National Bank to help defray the Polloks’ travel expenses. Donations can be sent to Falls City National Bank, P.O. Box 339, Falls City, TX 78113.

Please keep this brave young hero in your prayers.

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