Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Are You in the Christmas Spirit?

Well if you are, then I've got just the opportunity for you to spread some holiday cheer. And if you're not, then this is just what you need to get ready for the real meaning of the holiday. As we celebrate the birth of Christ, God's greatest gift to the world, it is only right that we pass along His gift of Love to others. There are troops fighting for our freedom to celebrate, who may or may not hear from home this holiday. Helping them is SOOO easy, I've done all the work for you (well, actually did it) Just follow the link to At the top of the page, click on "Where to Send" and a list will appear on your left of soldiers names. Click on any name and you'll see their posted message, listing their requests. Once you start reading them, you can't stop. I wanted to go out and buy everything on every list! I can't stand it that there are soldiers out there fighting for my family who don't have a coffee pot, or deodorant, or shampoo, etc. because they're stationed far from the PX and/or haven't been receiving packages. Once you've selected a soldier and are ready to help, you MUST re-check that soldier's page the day you're mailing the package to verify that the address is still accurate (a.k.a. they haven't been moved). All the instructions for mailing, including proper addressing and customs forms info can be found at the site under the "how to send" section. If you have any trouble, leave a comment here and I'll gladly help you out. Check out the FAQ before you begin and let's spread some holiday cheer to those who need it most!

You can now get flat-rate priority shipping boxes from the USPS that will cost $7.70 to ship. You can ship as much as will fit in the box, regardless of weight, for the flat price. The boxes can be ordered (for free in lots of 25) online here at the USPS Store. You then pay the $7.70 when you ship it. It doesn't get any more convenient than this!

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