Monday, September 29, 2008

Ike Part 3 - Catching Up

Well, I've realized that I'm going to have plenty blog about every day for the foreseeable I'd better get caught up to the present day, even though it means skipping over a lot of interesting stories between the Wednesday after the storm thru today. Who knows, maybe I'll eventually have some boring days in my life (hope, hope!) and then I can go back and add in some of the things I'm going to have to skip for the time being.

So...long story goes: The day after our first trip to Galveston, I drove to Austin for my first day of work for GHF since the 'cane. Our director had set up temporary offices at the office of Preservation Texas, which was very nice. He, the Board Pres and I worked thru things like how to make payroll with no income, what kind of insurance we have, and how to get some cash fast! While I was there, Big L was RV shopping. When I finished up in Austin, I met up with Big L, Bart and the kids at an RV dealer in Bourne, where we discovered "the one".

The next days were filled with shopping (clothes, kids stuff, stuff for the RV) and finalizing the deal on the RV. The things that did it for us were that it had bunk beds for the kids, and double slides which made the living room seem very roomy for an RV. We figured on the "livability" scale those things were tops. We got lucky and got an in-motion satellite system thrown in becuase they couldn't get the regular old sat. system to work right. Yay us!

Finally, the day came to return to Galveston County and settle in Friendswood for the time being. I drove Big L's truck with the doggies, he drove the RV with the kiddos, and we left my Tahoe there in NB. Bart was driving his sister's volvo, as he had left his truck on the island and we had discovered on our trip that it was totalled.

We got all hooked up at Big L's brother's house and enjoyed the day off on Monday. Tuesday morning, bright and early, i went to register the kiddos for school in F'wood. I was *thrilled* to run into a fellow PTO President from the school next to ours on the island!! Our boys are on the same soccer team and are now both in 1st grade at the same school. It's the little things like that that mean sooo much when you're completely displaced from everything familiar. I suppose it helps that we've lived in F'wood before, but not really. It's not our home and it never feels like least not yet.

So last week went by with school and me trying to work online from the RV as much as possible. Finally on Friday, i had lunch with my director and we took care of some more business. Then I went and stood in a 45 minute line to get my mail at the make-shift Galveston Post Office, which is now in an old gym at the outlet mall.

Over the weekend, I began to feel bad with a chest cough and allergies. To be expected from all my trips to the island for work, but still. I was very unmotivated and exhausted from my crazy-busy week. I managed to get the necessary chores done, etc. but didn't feel exactly prepared for the inevitable Monday morning. you're all caught up! Welcome to our journey, and I'm sorry to say that i hope it eventually becomes just too boring to read :-)


Bea Amaya said...

Nancy, I'm not sure about your living situation at the moment, but I do want to pass something on to you. I keep an apartment in Houston located at Dixie Farm Road and I-45. I rarely stay there as I am trying to work from home as much as possible. It has 2 twin beds, a tv, a computer, cable, internet, and a washer and dryer. I was wondering if you and your family need it at all. My lease is up in January and Ginger has already fixed up a place for me to sleep at her house since I will soon be doing some work for her. If you are at all interested, even if you would like to use it occasionally, or for work, I hope you'll contact me and let me know.!

texasbug said...

Thank you so much, Bea!! I really appreciate your kindness, that is so thoughtful. Right now we are living in our motorhome in my brother-in-law's driveway. We are hoping to return to Galveston when schools open and live in the RV there. If something changes, though, I will let you know. Thanks so much for thinking of us!

Bea Amaya said...

I'll be watching here to see your progress. Good luck with everything!