Thursday, March 31, 2005

President Bush statement on Terri Schiavo

C-POL's post has this quote from President Bush:

Today millions of Americans are saddened by the death of Terri Schiavo. Laura and I extend or condolences to Terri Schiavo's families. I appreciate the example of grace and dignity they have displayed at a difficult time. I urge all those who honor Terri Schiavo to continue to work to build a culture of life where all Americans are welcomed and valued and protected, especially those who live at the mercy of others. The essence of civilization is that the strong have a duty to protect the weak. In cases where there are serious doubts and questions, the presumption should be in favor of life.

—President George W. Bush, March 31, 2005

I couldn't agree more, and to me that is the essence of this case. There is only her cheating husband's word that this would've been her wish. Did she really anticipate being starved to death? Who knows. But without written intentions, we must err on the side of life.

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