Sunday, March 26, 2006

Illegal Immigration and Fedral Control of Church Work

Boy, that's an all-consuming title, isn't it? I'm trying to wade through all the mumbo jumbo out there to put together some thoughts of my own on this.

My first reaction....I'm always angered when people protest in the US by waving flags from another county. Hey, if you're so proud of it....LIVE THERE instead of the HERE!

But then I did some research, and I'm disturbed by at least a couple of items in the House's legistlation. First of all, they want to make illegal immigration to the US a felony. Why? Well, for one thing, convicted felons cannot be admitted later as LEGAL immigrants, so one time over here illegally and you're out forever.

More importantly to me, the law actually requires churches to verify the legal status of people before offering them any help or assistance. Now wait just a minute! The church has always been a place of totally a-political immunity. I don't care how or why a person comes to the US, if they show up needy on the door of my church, we're helping them with food or clothing or whatever else we see fit! I cannot abide ANY legislation that seeks to control the actions of the church, who they can help, how they help, etc. What's next, we can only help people in need if we don't mention anything about God?? This is an absolute overstep on the part of the House, and one that I will protest vehemently.

All of this makes me ask "Why can't we ust enforce the laws we already have?" Are new laws really necessary? I totally agree with GWB on this one.

I mean, let's face it, the only reason the GOP can even pretend to support this is under the fear that terrorists will infiltrate the US through our borders with Mexico. If it's truly terrorists we're after here, then why can't we allow those verified as "non-terrorists" to have work passes here for a period of years?

I realize that keeping terrorists out is a HUGE priority, but has anyone stopped to think of the impact this could have on our standard of living and our economy? Do you live in a brick house? Those would become a luxury only the very wealthy could afford. Do you employ a periodic housekeeper? Forget it when they become unionized citizens unless, again, you're extremely wealthy.

I happen to know a family that would've been adversely impacted by these proposed laws. We've been friends with them for over 10 years now, and at first they were here illegally. They have since become legal....something that never could've happened under the new laws. They are some of the most honest, hard-working, wonderful people we know. They simply wanted a better life for their children. Don't we all? I hate to see terrorists once again force us to change the way we live, which is exactly what will happen if this law is passed as it stands.


Jimbo said...

Does Espella support the troops or not? Read the disrespectful comments he made to a veteran and US Marine at:

Do you support Espellas comments or do you support the US Marine Corps. Give your opinion to Fred.

Espella should be kicked off the blogroll

TexasFred said...

Ace in the Hole: To Espellas Fan Club...

The guy making the comment is a troll...

texasbug said...

Do NOT make me have to start moderating comments, freak show!

Fred - thanks, I kinda figured, but I checked into it to be sure.

Kay said...


I have to disagree with you.
Especially in the US which is a country made up of immigrants and a country that can be proud of its diversity, I can see nothing wrong with flying a flag (along with the American flag) showing ones heritage and being proud of it.

On the immigration issue, as long as employers are not fined for employing illegal immigrants there will be plenty of them.


Greg said...

Immigration can be fine flying another flag instead of the us one not cool! I am most interested in Ron Paul and Tancredo's stances both have actually worked to stop illegal immigration which is way more then the bushies have done.