Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Latest from LA Emergency Management....

Here is the latest information from the Louisiana State Police Headquarters (LSP) and the Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness (LOEP):


· US 90 is closed E/B at the Terrebonne Parrish Line which is near Houma.

· IH 10 is closed at the IH 10/IH 12 interchange in Baton Rouge for all E/B - S/B Traffic on IH 10 and IH 12.

· IH 55 is closed at IH 10 for all IH 10 E/B and IH 55 S/B at Hammond

· LA 61 is closed for S/B traffic at LaPlace at the IH 10 Interchange.

There is a suggested detour at IH 10 E/B @ IH 49 at Lafayette for all IH 10 E/B through traffic. The recommended detour route for all IH 10 E/B and W/B traffic along the Gulf Coast is IH 20 across northern Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.


· The official guidance for Louisiana Evacuee's remains the same. The State of Louisiana is not letting them return to any affected area. They are requested that they remain in place and await further instructions, and understand that this may be days.

· No individuals without written authorization on their person from the State of Louisiana, LSP, LOEP are being allowed south or east of the above checkpoints. There are no exceptions.

· There are no numbers for citizens to call at this point, and Louisiana State Police is requesting that individuals DO NOT call, as it is just making a shaky communications system prone to further failures.

At this point the best source of information are the 24 hour news channels.

· The State of Texas Governor’s Division of Emergency Management will be coordinating all assistance to the State of Louisiana. At this time, Louisiana is determining what their needs are and will be prioritizing these needs. The Friendswood Fire Marshal’s Office and Office of Emergency Management is monitoring the situation.

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